Hazardous Road Conditions

Most truck drivers with any experience behind the wheel have come across a pothole or other road hazard that results in a blowout or causes the driver to lose control resulting in a serious wreck endangering lives and damaging property. Unsafe and poorly maintained roadways are to blame for many commercial truck accidents every year.

Common Road Hazards Facing Truckers in Virginia

It is a complex process to get road maintenance and construction completed. The process is one that involves seeking funding, obtaining approvals, and navigating plenty of red tape. For that reason, dangerous spots in need of repair may go unattended for days, weeks, and even months – posing a risk to the drivers that use them every day.

It is not always the road itself that is dangerous. Obstacles that impede a driver’s path or obscure signs and signals cause accidents as well. Defective signals and poor lighting make it tough for truckers to proceed safely. Here are some of the most common reasons for hazardous road conditions increasing the risk of serious truck accidents:

  • Animals and pedestrians
  • Damaged or defective traffic signs and signals
  • Debris and unsecured loads from passing
  • Dim or non-existent lighting
  • Ice or snow-covered surfaces
  • Potholes and raised manhole covers
  • Unstable bridges
  • Uneven pavement
  • Steep drop-offs and shoulders
  • Trees or shrubs obscuring the roadway
  • Worn or faded reflective paint

Hazardous Road Conditions and Truck Accidents

Hazardous road conditions are a factor in more than half of all fatal motor vehicle accidents in the United States every year. Because of their size and power, a multi-ton tractor trailer is more likely to cause a significant amount of damage to life and property in a crash when compared with a smaller vehicle.

Commercial trucks are more dangerous in a wreck for a variety of reasons:

  • They are more difficult to maneuver
  • They require more stopping distance
  • They can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds
  • They are two to three times longer than a passenger car

Who is Responsible for Hazardous Road Conditions?

Government agencies have a duty to ensure the roads we travel are in good condition. That responsibility may lie at the city, state, or federal level, depending upon the size and location of the road. If the truck driver obeyed all traffic laws and was not negligent or reckless but was involved in a crash caused by hazardous roadway conditions, injured victims can file a claim against the agency in question.

Personal injury claims involving government agencies can be challenging. Injured victims always benefit from the counsel of an experienced Virginia Beach truck accident lawyer familiar with hazardous road condition cases. A personal injury attorney reviews all of the factors related to the crash, including police reports, witness accounts, and medical records to prove how unsafe or neglected roadways led to their client’s injury.

When causation is established, the victim may recover compensation for their injuries, lost income, and emotional trauma they face as a result of the crash.

Virginia Beach Truck Accident Lawyers Hold Local and Federal Agencies Accountable for Dangerous Roadways

Most drivers find commercial trucks imposing as they speed by or appear in the rear-view mirror. It is frightening to imagine being involved in a wreck with an 18-wheeler. Unfortunately, even the most attentive and diligent truck driver is at risk of a crash when road conditions become unsafe or impassable. Virginia Beach truck accident lawyers with East Coast Trial Lawyers are ready to fight for victims injured in crashes caused by debris, potholes, ice, and snow.

We understand all the ways a tragic wreck can impact your life emotionally, physically, and financially. If the city or state where you were hurt neglected to repair or maintain the roadway, they should be held accountable by a respected Virginia Beach truck accident lawyer.

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