Causes of Truck Accidents

The average commercial tractor trailer weighs upwards of 40 tons. To put that in perspective, the average passenger car weighs about 2.5 tons. These enormous trucks carry incredible weight and force and require greater stopping distance than smaller cars and vans, making them more dangerous in a crash. Truck accidents occur for a variety of reasons. Defective or unsafe trucking parts and equipment cause thousands of accidents every year. Yet, others are the result of human error, either by the truck driver or other drivers and pedestrians they encounter. The following is a look at the most common causes of truck accidents in Virginia and throughout the nation.

Driver Negligence

Drivers who speed, tailgate, brake-check, or make sudden turns or lane changes significantly increase the risk of a serious wreck. Because trucks require a greater stopping distance, it is more difficult for them to avoid an impeding crash.

Drowsy Driving

Long shifts combined with monotonous routes and overnight driving leave many truck drivers dangerously fatigued. Drowsy drivers have difficulty with concentration, decision making, and reaction time. It only takes a few seconds for a sleepy or distracted driver to lose control and cause a tragic wreck.

Hazardous Driving Conditions

Enormous commercial trucks are vulnerable to poor driving conditions. Rain, snow, and fog impact visibility and traction. Uneven pavement, potholes, and construction can cause drivers to lose control of their rigs. Out-of-control trucks are more likely to tip over, jackknife, and collide with other vehicles.

Improper Loading

We depend on commercial truckers to deliver the goods that enrich our lives. Truck owners and operators must adhere to strict loading procedures and standards to keep that cargo from becoming loose and prevent trucks from tipping over. Proper weight distribution is essential for keeping large trucks balanced and stable.

Poor Truck Maintenance

According to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration study on the leading causes of large truck wrecks, more than one-quarter of tractor trailers were found to have brake problems. Because vehicles this large pose an enormous risk to life in a crash, it is essential they be well-maintained and in good working order.

Trucking Company Negligence

There are nearly half a million trucking companies operating in the United States today. These companies are responsible for properly maintaining their trucks, training drivers, and enforcing the trucking regulations and standards that keep everyone on our roadways safe. Any lapse in these areas increases the risk of a serious truck accident.

What to Do After a Truck Accident

Any motor vehicle accident can be frightening, but when a crash involves a tractor trailer, the impact can be devastating. After reporting your accident to law enforcement and seeking medical attention, it is important to contact a skilled truck accident lawyer who will examine all of the evidence surrounding your wreck to determine the cause. From there, they will recommend the best legal course of action to pursue compensation for injuries, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Virginia Motor Vehicle Accident Laws

Virginia adheres to the principle of contributory negligence. That means before a plaintiff can collect damages, they must first prove the other party is 100 percent at-fault for the truck accident. In Virginia, it may be more difficult to receive compensation than in other states that employ comparative negligence. Injured victims have two years to file a claim for personal injuries.

Our Virginia Beach Truck Accident Lawyers Help Injured Victims Claim the Compensation They Deserve

Because Virginia employs contributory negligence, receiving the compensation you deserve for your truck accident injuries can be more challenging. At East Coast Trial Lawyers, your Virginia Beach truck accident lawyer will ensure nothing has been overlooked in the process to determine what went wrong and who is at-fault for a preventable wreck. For a free consultation, call us at 757-352-2237 or contact us online to get started. Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we serve clients throughout Chesapeake, Eastern Shores, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk, as well as North Carolina and nationwide.

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