When do Most Truck Accidents Occur?

June 8, 2020

Truck accidents can occur at any time, but certain times of day and situations make the roads much more dangerous for drivers. Car drivers and truck drivers should be aware of what is happening around them at all times.

What Time do Most Accidents Happen?

Trucking accidents occur mostly during high traffic times and days. Truckers often get up early in the morning, start driving, and are still on the road during what is considered the traditional “lunch hour”. Sixty-five percent of truck accidents happen between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., and the majority of truck-related fatalities occur between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m.

How Common Are Accidents During Weekdays?

Truck accidents occur more often on a weekday because more people are on the road. Drivers are most likely to be on the road Monday through Friday, when 83 percent of fatalities occur. Interestingly, most trucking accidents occurred on Thursdays with a total of 18 percent of all accidents. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday all had 17 percent of accidents each day.

Is Driving a Truck More Dangerous at Night?

Trucking accidents occur at night when large trucks cannot see smaller vehicles easily. A car that is stuck in a truck’s blind spot is even more vulnerable at night when there is no natural light. Drivers who are trying to complete their routes quickly could drive drowsy or fall asleep at the wheel. At the same time, car drivers do not have good depth perception at night, and they could easily cut off truck drivers, cause an accident, and possibly involve other vehicles.

Is Weather a Common Factor in Truck-Related Accidents?

Truck drivers are in control of a massive vehicle that is difficult to stop. Trucks could easily slide in poor weather conditions, which causes jackknife truck accidents to happen. Wet roads make it much more difficult for truck drivers to stop, and truck drivers should even pull over if they feel the conditions are too dangerous for driving. Car drivers should not cut off trucks, and they should not assume that a large truck can be driven normally in inclement weather.

Why is it Important for Vehicles to Maintain a Safe Following Distance?

Car drivers should keep maintain a safe following distance while on the road, especially while behind a big rig. You could drive under the bumper rail of a large truck if you cannot make an emergency stop, and rocks or debris could be kicked up by the truck at any time. While the truck may not be involved in the accident, a startled car driver could crash or sideswipe into other vehicles.

Sometimes, wrecks are unpreventable. If you are injured in a truck accident, it is wise to speak to an experienced lawyer who will outline for you any legal recourse you may have.

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